Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Temporary worship

When we fixate on one style of contemporary worship, we ignore the "temporary" part of "contemporary". What's contemporary today may be "old" to the upcoming generation.

"Temporary 'contemporary' worship" at Midnight Oil Productions challenges us to adjust our thinking. Dave, one of the MO guys, points out that people don't often listen to radio stations that play hymns, let alone old hymns. Are liturgical worship services in touch with the real world today? What do average people today want in a church worship experience? Are we filling their needs?

Jesus used stories from the culture of his day and related parables to that culture. He rejected the standard old style taught in the temple. Is there a message for us today in Jesus' actions and pattern of behavior? Dave says we should have a worship experience where our members would feel very comfortable inviting a neighbor of about any type.

As one of the 19 comments about the posting states, there's a missional aspect to worship.

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