Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Other Intelligent Design theories

"Intelligent Design (ID) is only one of many 'alternatives' to Darwinian evolution", says author David Brin. His article, "The Other Intelligent Design Theories" appears in the online "Skeptic" magazine. Brin says that ID proponents claim that they must be heard in the classroom if educators were to play fair and be complete about evolution theories.

This pitch may backfire says Brin. After all, to be complete, there are several ID theories. Surely the ID proponents could not object to teaching all the alternatives:

  • Guided evolution. (A lot of scientists hold to this one.)
  • Intelligent Design of Intelligent Designers (IDOID - a Mormon view?)
  • Evolution of Intelligent Designers. (This one involves Black Holes!)
  • Cycles of Creation (let's not forget Hindu and Mayan concepts)
  • Panspermia (spaceships, anyone?)

Other possibles:

  • The Universe as a simulation
  • We have been resurrected at the Omega Point
  • ... perhaps you have a favorite?

UPDATE (7/21/06): I just had to check the original article date when I came across the Locusts and Honey blog's link to "Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity with 'Intelligent Falling' Theory". I was so sure it had to have been April 1st. But no ...

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John said...

Hmm. The universe could be just a holodeck simulation. I've never thought of it like that....