Saturday, May 20, 2006

UMM and UMW losing appeal?

United Methodist Men (UMM) and United Methodist Women (UMW) have experienced declines in many churches. Rev. Larry Hollon Larry Saunders, one of the many (and I do mean many) people who contribute to the Locusts and Honey blog, suggests that perhaps the traditional mission and purposes of these groups doesn't appeal to young adults. There are several comments.

I hate to say it, but the Web site for the General Commission on United Methodist Men is a very old FrontPage style with hover buttons and slowly displays on my screen despite the cable modem's ample speed. Is this just one more indicator of not being "with it"?


John said...

Actually that's Larry Saunders of the North Indiana Conference, not Larry Hollon of UMComm, but thanks for the link.

CBrulee said...

Thanks for the correction. And sorry about the lateness in OK'ing the comment. I had not set up the blog correctly to get notified of comments for moderation.