Sunday, August 14, 2011

Open thoughts

An upcoming sermon is about Christians acting with openness. Recent sermons have dealt with boldness and generosity. Below are a few "open thoughts" about openness.

Are you:
  • Boldly open to new ideas?
  • Open to the Holy Spirit?
  • Open to constructive comments?
  • Open to people not like you?
  • Boldly open to a different style of worship?
  • Open in a way that lets others "in" to know you better?
  • Open to forgiving others?
  • Open to not getting your way?
  • Open to focusing on helping others -- open to generously giving of your time, talent, and money when you have more than they do?
  • Open to letting others help you in your time of need?
  • Open to changing your mind?
  • Open to being a true servant leader?
  • Open to discovering new talents? (You have to try something new to discover a new talent).
  • Open to asking forgiveness when it's appropriate?
We may think we are "open" in many of the above ways, but would our friends, coworkers, and strangers agree?

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