Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A penny for your searches

Yahoo! has a free service that turns your Internet searches into food for the hungry. Instead of using Google, Bing, or whatever your search engine is now, start using a GoodSearch search toolbar from Yahoo!

GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine that contributes a penny to your chosen charity -- for example, Decatur Cooperative Ministry (DCM) -- each time you use it to search the internet.

In this case, a penny truly goes a long way!

16 searches = 16 pennies = 1 pound of food from the Food Bank

In just the first week that the DCM staff started using GoodSearch, they raised $3.85. That's 24 pounds of food!

Imagine how much more could be raised if everyone that supported DCM used GoodSearch for all their searches. What if all your family and friends used it?

How to get GoodSearch

It’s easy to install the GoodSearch’s search toolbar in your Web browser:
  1. Go to .
  2. Click on the "Get the GoodSearch toolbar" link.
  3. Enter Decatur Cooperative Ministry (make sure it’s spelled exactly like that)
  4. Select the Verify button.
    This will display “ Decatur Cooperative Ministry (Decatur, GA)” as your choice.
  5. Click on "Get the GoodSearch toolbar or add us to your search box".
  6. Click on the “Download Toolbar” button.
  7. Close any other open browser windows or tabs.
  8. Click on “Download the GoodSearch Toolbar” to accept the licensing agreement.
  9. When the pop-up dialog box appears, select the “Run” button.
  10. When the next security pop-up dialog appears, select the “Run” button (or save it to your hard disk, then run it from there).
  11. Proceed with the installation and select the install options you want.
  12. You may need to restart your browser (or your computer) to make the new toolbar appear properly.
If you use multiple web browsers, do this when you are in each of your browsers.

So, won't you give DCM a penny for your thoughts searches?


This process adds a Yahoo! search toolbar. If you don’t want an added toolbar in your web browser, do not follow the above steps.

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