Saturday, July 25, 2009

Distinctive Methodist doctrine

What's distinctive about Methodist doctine? A good place to start your journey on the topic is Wikipedia's several pages on "Doctinal distinctives", which are listed in the "Methodism in America" section of the Methodism page.


John Meunier said...

Got an error last time I tried to respond.

Two quick things.

United Methodism has no official doctrine of the atonement.

United Methodism has no official position regarding imputed vs. imparted righteousness.

Wikipedia may beg to differ, but I've read my Book of Discipline and do not see either one there.

CBrulee said...

Two quick things in reply (smile) ...

First, the Wikipedia page is about "Methodism" as a movement, not The United Methodist Church. Perhaps that makes a difference.

Second, feel free to contribute to improving the accuracy of such pages in Wikipedia. The idea is to constantly improve as well as expand the content of this online collaborative encyclopedia.

CBrulee said...

To further elaborate, the Wikipedia page under which the links were found lists the following subheading under Methodism:
Doctrinal distinctives
Articles of Religion