Friday, March 20, 2009

"Encounter with Jesus" Bible Study Technique

There are lots of different Bible Study methods and approaches. When it comes to the gospels, here's a way to focus on Jesus and spiritual development:

First, select a passage from one of the gospels (a red-letter edition of the Bible may be helpful). Read the passage through and answer the below questions. You may also want to have a Synoptic (parallel) Gospels Bible handy.

Where's Jesus?

  • Where is Jesus in this passage?
  • Where was Jesus prior to this event?
  • With what type of people is Jesus dealing? (crowd, circle of friends, Gentiles or Jews, followers of Jesus, members of what sect)

What does Jesus say?

  • Summarize or quote everything Jesus says.
  • Note what Jesus does not say. Silence is often very telling. It can also unnerve people.
  • Note Jesus' feeling, tone, and attitude.
  • Is your first impression of Jesus' attitude really right or are you making Jesus "like us" -- too human? Look for alternate explanations for Jesus' behavior or how Jesus said something.

What are others' response to Jesus?

  • What do others say about Jesus?
  • What are people's impressions about Jesus; how do they feel about him?
  • How do people respond to Jesus?

How does this passage and insight help me develop spiritually?

  • What are my impressions of Jesus from this passage?
  • What characteristics of Jesus would I like to see in my own life?
  • Did the people's responses to Jesus in the passage convict me or inspire me ?
  • What is Jesus saying in this passage that could or would change my life? How can I work with Him to make it happen?

Reference: If you’d like learn more, read or download the full Discipleship Journal article.

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