Monday, January 07, 2008

The Millenium Matrix

The book "Millennium Matrix" has an online site with a timeline of changes in communications:

  • Oral
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Digital

The Oral timeline page states, "Jesus lived and spoke in an era so profoundly different than ours that we can miss the full meaning of his teachings. ... His world was not our world."

Though the book is primarily about communications and culture by the futurist author, it includes references to religion. That's normal for a person who graduated with a degree in theology and communication and has been a lay preacher. He also mentions God on the Broadcast page for example.

But perhaps tellingly, on the Digital communications page, when I searched for "God" or "Jesus", I got "Not found".

The book does seem like it might be fertile ground for religious group discussion, Sunday School classes included.

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Rex Miller said...

You may want to read the book. It doesn't have references to God, religion - it is entirely about God and the Christian faith. The book was written specifically about church leadership and how these period have changed church worship, music, architecture, leadership, proclamation of the gospel etc.

You can find a more in-depth review on

Rex Miller