Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cafe sermon prep?

The Allan R. Bevere blog, host to the "Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup", has periodic polls.  I found one interesting -- "Where do you prepare your sermons?"
The interesting part is that more pastors now prepare sermons at a cafe than at church, though most do at home.  Perhaps cafes are getting more popular as a sermon preparation spot because many have Internet available (for research) as well as good lattes. The poll size is not large enough to warrant a high confidence level (+- 5%), but interesting nevertheless.


Allan R. Bevere said...


I too was suprised by the number of persons who work on their sermon at a cafe.

I have personally done so for the past couple of years for the reasons you state, but I thought for sure I was in the minority.

But, again, as you say, there is not enough response to decide whether or not this is indeed the case.

Thanks for highlighting the poll!

John said...

I have an office at church and one of sorts at home. I generally write in either or both. Lately I prefer doing it at home where I know that I won't be disturbed. I always rehearse my manuscript from the pulpit on Saturday night so that I have the feel of how it will be delivered in the form that it will actually be delivered.

The Thief said...

And the other part of this is that the respondants are computer literate bloggers who read Allan's blog...

...not typical of the general numbers of pastors, would you think?