Saturday, April 21, 2007

Does Religion Make You a Better Person?

The Youtube video "Does Religion Make You a Better Person?" is anti-Christian (actually, anti-religion), but Christians should watch it carefully. I can't personally verify or dispute the statistics claimed. If real, they are alarming. Please feel free to refute any of the many statistics, but provide a link to a credible source of data. No flames, please.


John said...

The video has a flawed premise: that religion makes one moral.

Or at least, this is flawed from a Christian perspective. Only Christ makes us moral. Religion's got nothing to do with it.

CBrulee said...

On the other hand, we are supposed to live in the world but not be "of" the world. We are supposed to be obviously set apart. If Christains are truly on the right path, it should show, shouldn't it?

Perhaps churches are filled with people who have not truly let the Holy Spirit into their hearts.

We might benefit from more concern with the spiritual needs of communities as well congregations and less concern with numbers of pew-sitters.

John said...

Sure, but the video is not attacking Christianity. It is attacking a nebulous "religion". Its statistics refer to public acceptance of theism, not profession of Christianity.

CBrulee said...

Granted. The text below the video in the post should read, "...anti-religion". My assumption is that the video producer means to include Christianity among his "religion" umbrella.

He appears to be trying to make a point that being a member of a religion is harmful to our society.