Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Religious music online

I am very sense-oriented. Food, music, movies, ... I enjoy our God-given senses. I find that Christian music can elevate my mood during my long daily commute. It helps put me in a positive frame of mind. It makes me a better person that day.

So I'm especially pleased when I find sources of religious music, especially Christian music, online. I often preview music online for possible choir or quartet use. These uplifting offerings take many forms and styles.

Some disparage certain styles of music when used in worship or even as just a religious song in general. But we must remember that Paul didn't hesitate to adapt the message to whatever group he was addressing. So it should be with Christian music. There is no one "right" style. The message is what counts! Here are a few sample sites to get you started on a wonderful journey in song. Some may be an unexpected pleasure.

  • Streaming audio of anthems at publishers such as Shawnee Press.
    Example: "Burdens are lifted at Calvary" (Patti Drennan)
  • Samples of commercial CDs.
    Example: 1-minute samples from the "Jesus is Lord" CD (Dallas Christian Sound). After finding this site, I now plan to order this CD of 31 songs. The teaser 1-minute samples worked.
  • Free praise songs and sheet music
    Example 1: "All of my love" by Elton Smith and Larry Holder. The score is also downloadable.
    Example 2: "Your love is sweeter than wine" by Susan Tolle-Knight. This includes a Flash movie with music. I really love this sweet and lyrical song. And the Flash graphics (with words) are truly excellent.
  • Instrumentals. The choices range from traditional to techno. Example: "Awesome God" by Faith Incisive - it's not the default song on that page, so just click on the title link.
  • Joyous accidental finds.
    Example: "Thank you, dear Lord for music" (an MP3 download) at the national S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A (Barbershoppers) site.
    Free downloadable sheet music (PDF).
  • International Christian songs.
    Example 1: some Christian Tamil songs
    Example 2: "Baba Yetu" (Swahili Lord's Prayer) (download the MP3, then play) -- incredible!
    Eaxmple 3: Songs at the GBGM's Global Praise site. The CD collection (and music clips) include songs from Africa and Carribbean, Spirituals, and more.

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Anonymous said...

The message is what counts! So very true, I can appreciate that everyone has their own musical preferences; yet too many times I have seen people who prefer the more traditional gospel music try to say that contemporary gospel music is not 'real' gospel music.