Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Help others through Hunger Walk

You can contribute to Atlanta's Hunger Walk/Run 2007 and get a T-Shirt whether or not you actually run. The Feb-April 2007 issue of their newsletter "Food sharing" says, "Can't make it to the event? Be a Phantom Walker! Just fill out the form [donate] and mail it in and we'll mail you a t-shirt." How can you resist being a "Phantom Walker?" You don't even have to wear purple tights.

The event supports six local non-profit organizations and walkers may choose to have a portion of their funds go directly to one of the organizations:

At the Atlanta Community Food Bank site you can also learn about Atlanta's Table, Community Garden Initiative, Hunger 101, Kids in Need, Project Rescue Center, and TACK - The Atlanta Cooperative Kitchen.

You don't have to live in Atlanta to donate to these worthwhile groups.

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John Wesley said...

Dear and Gentle Reader,

It is an important means of grace for both the giver and the receiver to feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, clothe the naked and visit those in prison. I commend you on this important spiritual discipline.

Since I last had the pleasure of visiting ye, I have had many thoughts upon ye and your work in this, our online community. Keep hold the faith and continue to run the race! We will praise God for what he has done through your ministry and I cherish your willing spirit and compassion.

Who knows but it may please God to make ye an instrument in His glorious work? In effecting an union among the labourers in His vineyard? That He may direct and bless you in all your steps is the prayer of my heart.

Your affectionate and obedient servant,