Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some Dove messages not so sweet

I like chocolate, especially dark chocolate. One Christmas present this year was a basket of varied chocolates, among then some individually wrapped Dove dark chocolates.

The Dove chocolates came individually wrapped with foil that has "PROMISES Messages" printed on it. Cute, I thought, but maybe a bit too much "New Age" for me. Then I came across some that wiped the smile clean off my face.

The candy maker appears to have no compunction about using phrases that are harmful to our society. For example:
  • "There's a time for compromise --
    it's called "later"
  • "Temptation is fun ...
    giving in is even better."
It's as if the company executives are from Mars and have no clue TWIXT right and wrong. They seem full of Snickers at the problems they foster. The anti-Christian Messages continue, full of empty PROMISES. There are no Kudos here.

Should Christians stop buying Dove candy and encourage the manufacturer, Mars, to clean up its Dove wrappers? This is one candy I find not so sweet.


Anonymous said...

i don't totally agree. some of them are really great. and btw. here's my idea...
for valentine's day, i'm putting them in balloons, and then putting a biblical reference to them. for example... "there's a time for compromise, it's called later..." pair with... don't be unequally yolked, you will then be compromising your beliefs.
temptation is fun, giving in is better - for a time, but the pleasures of this world will fade, leaving you empty.

just a suggestion. take it or leave it. but i do agree with you, they aren't all that great.

Anonymous said...

The meaning of the message is all in the mind of the beholder. Think CHOCOLATE. The messages are innocent enough to the beholder.

CBrulee said...

The candy is chocolate and I do like chocolate. In fact a T-Shirt I liked contained letters like a ransom note cut from newspaper and magazines, with the words, "Hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt".

But some of these candies' messages, while perhaps seeming harmless, actually promote destructive attitudes and destructuve behavior.

The modern world does seem to increasingly ignore behavior that is contrary to what Christ would do. That does not mean that we should continue to do so or that it is right to do so.

When we stray a little off the path, it gets easier to stray even further. We don't help ourselves or others if we ignore those who have strayed or those encouraging people to stray. Such messages are not truly harmless. We ignore them at the expense of our children's world.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip, people!!! These are chocolate messages, and they are tongue-in-cheek!

Anonymous said...

i havent gotten any of your messages, but i believe that they're prophetic. At church on Sunday, the speaker was talking about how if you don't write down your dreams, then God will stop giving them to you. You have to write them down so you can refer back to them later. My birthday came up, and i hadn't been writing down my dreams. Someone gave me a big bag of dove milk chocolates for my birthday. I opened the first one, and the message said, "make a list of your dreams." i opened the next. It said, "Make a list of your dreams." this kept happening for about 9 or 10 times in a row. This is only what I believe.