Friday, October 20, 2006

British Airways suspends Christian for wearing cross

An employee of British Airways who is a Coptic Christian has been suspended for refusing to remove a short necklace with a small cross. Ironically the airline allows Muslims and Sikhs, members of other religions, to wear turbans and hijabs. Sikhs may even wear the traditional iron bangle.

The Christian employee is suing. The linked article also includes comments, like a blog. The British Airways action is being blasted, even by a self-avowed "hard-line Atheist".

Though the airline has in the past been accused of trying too hard to be politically correct, this anti-Christian action seems to be the opposite of "correct," politically or in any other way. Such discrimination has no place in the workplace.

While discrimination and persecution against Christians is not uncommon, we tend to think that it doesn't happen in "the civilized world". Guess what? It does. Sometimes it is the result of misinformation by the perpetrators. Sometimes it is purely malicious. Wherever such persecution happens, we need to combat it with facts and, when necessary, legal action.

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