Monday, July 10, 2006

Tech in Worship or Worshipping Tech?

An article by G. Jeffrey MacDonald today in Christian Science Monitor addresses use of technology in churches. "Backstory: Church of the higher tech ", deals with several good topics. Here are a few:
  • Does use of technology by some churches amount to idolatry?
  • A Barna Group 2000-2005 study of Protestant churches showed that the percentage using large screen projectors has jumped from 39 to 62!
  • Digital images can add emotion to the worship service and heighten the worship experience. Images can stress particular points during a hymn or sermon.
  • Technology makes young adults feel more comfortable in church.
  • Some church experience is even virtual -- virtual church, online prayers.
  • Some churches worship technology, but others are giving it the cold shoulder and may suffer as a result.
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