Saturday, April 01, 2006

Religious jargon may repel

Justification ... introit ... Gloria Patri ... eschatology, and more (ad nauseum?). These are all terms used within the church, but does everyone in the congregation understand them? You'd be suprised at how many terms go sailing over the heads of even many regular members of your congregation.

If your Sunday bulletin lists "Introit", for example, does the minister actually enter the Sanctuary at that time? How many in your congregation know the definition of "Introit"? Would "Call to worship" be more approriate in the modern world, much clearer to all, and actually better fit what happens at that time in your worship service? Consider communicating more clearly, more simply, more understandably in all that you do. That includes the Sunday Worship Bulletin.

Effective communication is a two-way process that includes complete understanding by those whom you intend to receive the message. Sermon Spice has a cute 1-minute video on avoiding jargon.

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